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National Library of Medicine (NLM) Databases

Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Science

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Anatomy & Physiology

Bioethics, Ethics, & Religion

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Biology & Biochemistry


Chemistry & Chemical Resources

Citation Indexes & Bibliometrics

Clinical Guidelines and Evidence-Based
Health Care

Clinical Trials

Consumer Health

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Dental Information

Dictionaries, Directories, Abbreviations,
Catalogs, & Codes

Dissertations & Theses: US & International

Drug Information

Education & Communication

Free Full-Text Articles, Books, Reports,
and Audiovisuals

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Genetics & Biotechnology

Government Documents

The NLM is a selective government depository.

To access GPO or NTIS microfiche, use the SRIM (Selected Research in Microfiche) record in LocatorPlus, the NLM online catalog. NLM Unique ID number: 9808010

Grantsmanship & Funding: US & International

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Health Business

Health Professions

Health Services Research

History of Medicine


Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities: US and International

Images, Photographs, & Audiovisuals

Library & Information Science

Medical Devices & Biomaterials

Medical Meetings & Meeting Abstracts

Medicine & Surgery

Nursing, Allied Health, & Rehabilitation

Psychology & Psychiatry

Public Health & Occupational Health

Publishers & Publishing

Science – General

Scientific &Technical Reports

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Social Work, Sociology, & Social Sciences

Sports & Sports Medicine


Theses & Dissertations: US & International

Toxicology & Environmental Health

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Travelers’ Health

Veterinary Medicine & Animal Welfare