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Classical Civilization


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Acta Classica (1958-2006).
Adalya : … Mediterranean Civilizations.
Aeragram : … Ancient Egypt Research.
Akhenaten Sun, The (Amarna period, Egypt).
Akroterion : … Classics in South Africa.
Ancient History Bulletin Online Reviews.
Antiquity (reviews and obits only).
American Numismatic Society Magazine.
Amirani (Caucasology).
Analecta Romana.
Ancient Narrative.
Aphrodisias newsletter.
Arachnion : … Ancient Literature and History on the Web.
Archeology & History in Lebanon.
Arma : Newsletter of … Roman Military Equipment.
Assyriological Studies.
Astene Bulletins (travel in Egypt and the Near East).
Birmingham Egyptology Journal.
Black Sea Studies.
British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan.
Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
Bulletin … Jewish Palestine Exploration Soc. (1931-1967).
Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists.
Bulletin of Ancient Iranian History.
Bulletin of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies.
B. of The Amer. Soc. of Greek and Latin Epigraphy.
Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan.
Byzantia Symmeikta (Byzantine Studies).
Byzantinist, The.
Canadian Classical Bulletin.
Chicago House Bulletin.
CHS Research Bulletin.
Ciceroniana on line (1973, 2009).
Classical Inquiries.
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
COMSt : Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies.
Corvus : Journal of Classics and Ancient History.
Distant Worlds.
Diotema : women and gender in the ancient world.
Dumbarton Oaks Papers (1999-2003).
Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography.
Enim (Egyptology).
Ephemeris : Classical Journal of Denison University.
Epigraphica Anatolica.
Etruscan Studies: Journal of the Etruscan Foundation.
Etruscan News Online.
Estudios Bizantinos.
Folio : the Bulletin of the ABMC.
Fragments : the Ancient and Medieval Past.
Forum Geometricorum (classical geometry).
Graeco-Latina Brunensia.
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies.
Gouden Hoorn : Journal of Byzantium (1993-1998).
Helicon : the Yale Undergraduate Journal of Classics.
Hellenic Quarterly.
Herculaneum Archeology.
Heritage of Egypt Magazine, The.
Heritage Turkey (British Institute at Ankara).
Hirundo : the McGill Journal of Classical Studies.
Illinois Classical Studies.
INE Newsletter and Notebooks (Inst. for Neohellenic Research).
Int. Journal of the Classical Tradition (via Paperity).
International Journal of the Platonic Tradition.
International Review of Roman Law.
Iranian Journal of Archaeological Studies.
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture, The.
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections.
Journal of Ancient Numismatics.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Journal of Juristic Papyrology, The.
Journal of Late Antique Religion and Culture.
J. of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting.
Journal Polymnia.
Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies.
Kubaba (Pre-Classical).
Liber Annuus (1990-1999).
Logeion : journal of ancient theatre.
Medicina Antiqua.
Medina newsletter (Mediterranean inscriptions).
Mediterraneo Antico magazine.
Mediterranea : Historical Research.
MELA Notes (1997-2007).
Meroitic Newsletter (1968-2003).
Minerva (book reviews only).
Minos (ancient languages of the Aegean).
Mirablia : … Journal of Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Monuments and Sites.
New Voices in Classical Reception Studies.
Newsletter of the Association for Roman Archaeology.
Newsletter of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.
Nordicum-Mediterraneum (Nordic and Mediterranean Studies).
Opuscula (journal of the Swedish Institutes at Athens and Rome).
Oriental Institute Museum Publications series.
Oriental Institute News & Notes.
Ostracon, The (Ancient Egypt).
PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology.
Past and Future.
Pegasus : … Classics and Ancient History (1964-2008).
Petronian Society Newsletter.
Plato : The Internet Journal of the International Plato Society.
Peitho : … History of Rhetoric and Composition.
Pirradazia : Bulletin of Achaemenian Studies.
Pompeiiana Newsletter, The (1974-2003).
Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics.
Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens.
Psaltiki (Byzantine chant).
RAG, The (Roman Archaeology Group at UWA).
Rasenna: Journal of the Center for Etruscan Studies.
Review of Hellenic Law.
Roma Subterranea Judaica.
Roman Archaeology Group Newsletter.
Roman Legal Tradition.
Rosetta Journal, The.
Scholia : Studies in Classical Antiquity.
Shekel Magazine (coins of ancient Judaea).
Sino-Platonic Papers (East Asian languages & civilizations).
State Archives of Assyria Bulletin.
Studia Antiqua : Journal of the Student Society for Ancient Studies.
Studia Ceranea : … History and Culture of the Mediterranean.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity.
Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics.
Syrian Studies Association Newsletter.
Teaching Classical Languages.
Thersites : Journal for Transcultural Presences ….
Tyche : contributions to Ancient History, Papyrology and Epigraphy.
UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology.
Waters of Rome, The.
List of all open Egyptology journals, inc. pre-1945