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Medieval 18th & 19th AD


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Acta Periodica Duellatorum.
Al-‘Usur al-Wusta (Middle East Medievalists).
Alvissmal (Norse Studies).
At The Edge.
Building & Stonemasonry (partly in English).
Ceræ : … Medieval and Early Modern Studies.
Comitatus : a Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Confraternitas (1990-2006).
Different Visions.
Digital Medievalist.
Early Modern Culture.
Early Modern Culture : An Electronic Seminar.
Early Theatre : … early English drama (1998-2006).
Early Modern Literary Studies.
Essays in Medieval Studies.
Fragments : … Ancient & Medieval Pasts.
Heroic Age, The.
Italique (Italian Renaissance poetry).
Interfaces : a journal of medieval European literatures.
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music.
Medieval Archaeology.
Medieval Britain and Ireland.
Medieval Feminist Forum.
Medieval Review.
Medieval Worlds : comparative and interdisciplinary studies.
Mirablia : … Journal of Antiquity and Middle Ages.
Monastic Research Bulletin.
Monastic Researchers Newsletter.
Neophilologus (via Paperity).
New Research : … Medieval Germanic Studies.
Olifant (medieval Romance epic).
Opuscula : Short Texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Perigrenations : Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture.
Prosopon (mediaeval prosopography).
Renæssanceforum (in English from 2008).
Renaissance and Reformation (1964-2004).
Renaissance Journal (Warwick University).
Research Journal of Germanic Antiquity.
Seventeenth Century News.
This Rough Magic.

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