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Media & Communications

communication studies

ASIR : Advances in the Study of Information and Religion.
Canadian Journal of Communication.
Chinese Media Research.
Coactivity : Philosophy, Communication.
Communications in Information Literacy.
Electronic Review of Communication.
Infoamerica : Iberoamerican communication review.
International Journal of Learning and Media (MIT).
International Journal of Communication.
Irish Communications Review.
Journal of the Communication, Speech & Theatre Assoc..
Journal of Deafblind Studies on Communication.
Journal of Digital Information.
Journal of Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS).
Journal of Intercultural Communication.
Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication.
Journal of Science Communication.
Journal of Religion and Communication.
Kome: … Pure Communication Inquiry.
Legal Communication & Rhetoric.
McMaster Journal of Communication.
MedieKultur : … media and communication research.
Nordicom Information.
Nordicom Review.
Pepperdine Journal of Communication Research.
Platform : Journal of Media and Communication.
Proceedings of the New York State Communication Assoc..
Public Relations Journal.
Scholarly and Research Communication.
Stream : a graduate journal of communication.
TRANS : Internet Journal for Cultural Sciences.
Web Journal of Mass Communication Research.
Westminster Papers in Communication.


interactive media

APRJA (digital cultures).
Archives and Museum Informatics (via Paperity).
AR[t] : augmented reality, art and technology.
Body, Space & Technology Journal.
Communications in Information Literacy.
Computational Culture : a journal of software studies.
Ctrl-Z : new media philosophy.
Cyberpsychology : Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace.
Cybertext Yearbook.
Dancecult : journal of electronic dance music culture.
Digital Studies.
eContact! : Online Journal for Electroacoustic Practices.
First Monday.
frAme : … Culture and Technology.
H+ magazine.
Hz Journal.
International Journal of Digital Curation.
International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies.
International Journal of ScreenDance.
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research.
Journal of Electronic Publishing.
Journal of Information Architecture.
Journal of Interactive Drama.
Journal of Interactive Humanities.
Journal of Media Innovations, The.
Journal for MultiMedia History.
Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting.
JUS : Journal of Usability Studies.
Kairos : A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.
Leonardo Almanac.
Leonardo reviews.
Marketing Letters (via Paperity).
Media-N Journal.
MIT Faculty Newsletter.
Multimedia Information & Technology Journal.
NMEDIAC : Journal of New Media and Culture.
PAGE (Computer Arts Society).
Radical Software.
Scroll : essays on the design of electronic text.
Sensate : experiments in critical media practice.
SM+S : Social Media + Society.
Switch : journal of new media.
TeMA Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment.
Transformative Works and Cultures (fan studies).
Virtual Archaeology Review.
Wi : Journal of Mobile Media.
YLEM Journal (sci-art).


videogame studies

Computer Gaming World (1981-2002).
Eludamos : journal for computer game culture.
Escapist, The (2005-2007).
First Person Scholar.
Gamasutra (features).
Game Studies.
GDC Vault.
International Journal of Roleplaying.
International Journal of Serious Games.
Journal of Games Criticism.
Journal of Interactive Drama.
Journal of the Philosophy of Games.
Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting.
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.
Places to Go, People to Be.
Press Start.
Transformative Works and Cultures (fan studies).
Well Played journal.


journalism and publishing

American Journalism Review.
Article 19.
Brazilian Journalism Research.
Columbia Journalism Review.
Committee to Protect Journalists.
CREATe Working Papers.
Digital Journalist.
JEP : Journal of Electronic Publishing.
Jomec journal.
eJournalist : a refereed media journal.
Science Editing.
Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture Journal.
Independent Publisher.
Index on Censorship (partially free).
Journal of Cultural Economics (via Paperity).
Journal of Electronic Publishing.
Journalistica : … journalism research.
Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality.
Kesher (history of the press in the Jewish world).
Pacific Journalism Review.
Public Relations Journal.
Publication Ethics in Practice.
Publishers Weekly.
Publishing Research Quarterly (via Paperity).
Research Journalism.
Reportage : The online magazine of photojournalism.
Reporter Online.
Rhodes Journalism Review.
Scholarly Editing.
Scholarly and Research Communication.
Science Editing.
Science Editor.
Trans-kom : Translation and Technical Communication Research.
University Bookman, The.


media law and policy

Berkeley Technology Law Journal Online.
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal (1982-).
Censorship News.
Current Opinion in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Cybaris (Intellectual Property Law Review).
Defence Strategic Communications.
Entertainment and Sports Law Journal.
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law ….
Identity in the Information Society (via Paperity).
Internet Policy Review.
JILT : Journal of Information Law and Technology.
Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law.
Journal of Communications Law and Technology Policy.
Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality.
John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law.
Law, Text, Culture.
Lesbian/Gay Law Notes (1992-2005).
Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review.
Media Ethics.
Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy.
Pace Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law Forum.
Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy.
Post-Soviet Media Law.
Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
Social Media + Society (indexed via Paperity).
UCLA Entertainment Law Review.
UCLA Journal of Law and Technology.
University of Miami Entertainment & Sports Law Review.
Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law.
WIPO Journal.
Working Papers … Press, Politics, and Public Policy.
Yale Journal of Law and Technology.


depiction of law and crime

Crime, History & Societies.
Deviance and the Law in Historical Perspective.
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture.
Passagens: … political history and legal culture


public deliberation and debate

Defence Strategic Communications.
Exchange : The Journal of Public Diplomacy.
Higher Education Outreach and Engagement.
Irish Journal of Public Policy.
Journal of Civic Literacy.
Journal of Public Deliberation.
Poroi : … Rhetorical Analysis and Invention.
Reason and Respect.
Research & Politics.