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Acta Slavica Japonica.
Articles of the Encyclopaedia Iranica.
Ass. Contemporary Church Historians Quarterly.
Astene Bulletin (Near East travel).
Bulletin of the German Historical Institute.
Carl Beck Papers (Russia and Eastern Europe).
Catalan Historical Review.
Connotations : a journal of critical debate.
Dapim : Studies on the Holocaust.
Delta, The.
Digital Islam : research on the Middle East, Islam, and Digital Media.
Dimensions On-Line : a journal of Holocaust Studies.
e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators.
Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter.
e-Journal of Eighteenth-Century Russian Studies.
Ejournal of Portugese History.
Etudes Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Rousseau studies).
Electronic Journal of Annual Holocaust Conference Papers.
German Historical Institute : London Bulletin.
GDR Bulletin (1975-1999, socialist East Germany).
H-France Review.
H-France Forum.
Historical Review, The (modern Greek history).
Historical Contributions (Croatian history).
Hungarian Cultural Studies.
Hungarian Studies.
Journal of Catalan Intellectual History.
Journal of Dutch Literature.
Journal of the Iran Society.
Journal of the Northern Renaissance.
Journal Of Ottoman Legacy Studies.
Mamluk Studies Review.
Medieval Jewish Studies.
Mirator : … electronic journal devoted to medieval studies.
Nordic Journal of Educational History.
Nouvelles Nouvelles (Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage).
Perigrenations : Journal of Medieval Art and Architecture.
Problems of Communism (1955-1990).
Problems of Communism (1955-1992).
Proceedings of the Western Society for French History.
Quest : issues in contemporary Jewish history.
Renaissance Journal (Warwick University).
Sederi Yearbook.
Studia Orientalia Electronica.
Studies on National Movements.
Studies in Slavic Cultures.
Vestnik : Journal of Russian and Asian Studies.
Werkwinkel : Journal of Low Countries and South African Studies.