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Annual Report of the Anarchist Studies Network.
Annual report : Medieval Settlement Research Group.
Association of Jewish Refugees Journal (UK, 1946-2014).
BIAB online : British & Irish archaeological bibliography.
Branch (Britain and representation, 1775-1925).
British Commission for Military History newsletter.
British Politics Review.
Bulletin … Peak District Mines Historical Society.
British Studies Monitor (1970-1981).
Celtica : Journal of the School of Celtic Studies (1988-2007).
Celtic Studies Assoc. of North America newsletter.
Conservative History Group journal.
Cornish Archaeology.
Cuadernos de Filologia Inglesa (Mostly in English).
Cumberland and Westmorland Ant. and Arch. Society Trans..
Discovery and excavations in Scotland.
Dumfriesshire and Galloway … Transactions (1852-2006).
e-journal of Manx Studies.
Early English Studies.
Early Theatre : … early English drama (1998-2006).
Enlightenment and Dissent.
Finest Hour : Journal of the International Churchill Society.
Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1911-1976).
Flintshire Historical Society Journal (1977-2003).
Gwent Local History.
Gloucestershire Soc. for Industrial Archaeology Journal.
Gower (local history, Wales).
History West Midlands.
International Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies.
Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology … newsletter.
Irish Historical Settlement Newsletter.
Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies (archives).
Journal of Bentham Studies.
Journal of the Oxford University History Society.
Journal of the Pembrokeshire Hist. Society (1985-2005).
Journal of the Sydney Soc. for Scottish History.
Latchkey : the New Woman.
L’Observatoire de la societe Britannique.
Manchester Region History Review.
Medieval and Early Modern English Studies.
Mining History.
Morgannwg (Glamorgan local history and archaeology).
Montgomeryshire Collections (1944-2002).
National Library of Wales Journal.
Naval Review, The (British Navy, 1913-1997).
Neo-Victorian Studies.
Nineteenth Century Gender Studies.
Old English Newsletter (Univ. of Tennessee).
Our Counties : The Association of British Counties Annual.
Oxoniensia (Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society).
Pembrokeshire Historian (1959-1981).
Polish Anglo-Saxon Studies.
Proceedings of the British Academy (1966-2002).
Radnorshire Society Transactions (1931-2004).
Ravon : Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net.
Reports … Cardiff Naturalists’ Society (1900-1981).
Royal Air Force Historical Society Journal.
Rural History Today (British Agricultural History Society).
Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports.
Sheetlines (history of O.S. maps).
Studia Celtica Fennica.
Studies : an Irish Quarterly Review.
Studies in Scottish Literature (1963-2013).
Sussex Industrial History (1970-2010).
Transactions of … Leicestershire.
Transactions … Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society (1911-1938).
Traversea : journal of transatlantic history.
Troze : … National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
Thomas More Studies.
Victorian, The.
Welsh History Review (1960-2001).
Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.
Y Cymmrodor (Welsh Studies).