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Ancient Asia.
Asia Major (1924-2007).
Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies Newsletter.
Eurasia Studies Society Journal.
Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics.
Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology.
Manuscripta Orientalia (three year paywall).
New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies.
Oriental Institute News and Notes.
Silk Road, The.
Ars Orientalis.
Bulletin of Sung-Yuan Studies.
China Heritage Quarterly.
China Review, The (1872-1901).
Cross-Currents : East Asian History & Culture Review.
East Asian History.
Freer Occasional Papers series.
History of Science in South Asia.
Journal of Song Yuan Studies.
Saksaha : A Journal of Manchu Studies.
Silk Road, The.
Sino-Japanese Studies (1988-2003).
Warring States Papers (Ancient China).
Bulletin of Tibetology.
Contributions to Nepalese Studies.
Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology & Anthropology (Nepal).
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Himalayan Journal of Sociology & Anthropology
Himalayan Research Bulletin.
Journal of Bhutan Studies.
Journal of the Int. Assoc. of Tibetan Studies.
Journal of the Tibet Society.
Tibetan Review (archive).
Voice of History (Nepalese history).
Crossroads : a Journal of Nagasaki History and Culture.
Early Modern Japan.
Japan Book Review (journal of the Japan Society).
Japan Review.
Japan Studies Review.
Sino-Japanese Studies (1988-2003).
Hmong Studies.
Journal of the Siam Society (2002-).
Journal of the Siam Society (1904-2001).
Korean Art Society Journal.
SPAFA (Southeast Asian archaeology and fine arts).
Indian History.
Journal of Anglo-Indian Studies.
Panuval : Journal of Tamil Studies.
Aethiopica : … Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies.
Historia (Historical Assoc. of South Africa).
Kronos : Southern African Histories.
Rhodesiana (History of Rhodesia).
Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe.