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Film & Television

Film and cinema

Alphaville : Journal of Film and Screen Media.
American Cinematographer.
Americana : Journal of American Popular Culture.
Animation Studies.
Animation World Magazine.
Apollonian, The.
Baltic Screen Media Review.
Bright Lights (Film Studies).
Canadian Journal of Film Studies.
CGW : Computer Graphics World.
Cine Qua Non.
CINEJ Cinema Journal.
Cinema Canada (1972-1983).
Cinema Journal (In Focus sections).
Cinema Scope.
CineMontage (Motion Picture Editors Guild).
Cinetext : film and philosophy.
Cine-Tracts (1977-1982)
CritiCine: elevating discourse on SouthEast Asian Cinema.
DOC Online (online journal of documentary cinema).
Documentary Box (making documentaries).
Eternal Sunshine … : Essays on Religion and Film.
East European Film Bulletin.
East-West Film Journal (1986-1994).
European Children’s Film Association Journal.
Experimental Conversations.
Fafnir : … Science Fiction and Fantasy Research.
Film Criticism (from 2016 onward).
Film Historia.
Film Icon.
Film Intelligence : … New Writing on the Moving Image.
Film magazine.
Film Monthly.
Film Music.
Film Philosophy.
Films for the Feminist Classroom.
FPS Magazine (archive).
German Films Quarterly.
Hispanet journal.
Illuminated Lantern (Film Studies).
International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen.
Journal for Religion, Film and Media.
Journal of Medicine and Movies.
Journal of Religion and Film.
Jumpcut (Film Studies).
Kiel Contributions to Film Music Research.
Kino Eye.
Kino Kultura (Film Studies).
MacGuffin (Alfred Hitchcock scholars).
Microfilmmaker magazine.
Midnight Eye : visions of Japanese Cinema.
Moravian Journal of Literature and Film.
Motion Picture Editors Guild Magazine.
Moving Image Source.
POV : Danish Journal of Film Studies.
Red Feather : International Journal of Children in Popular Culture.
Screen Sound.
Screening the Past.
Series : International Journal of TV Serial Narratives.
Urban Cinefile.
Vertigo Magazine.
World Picture


 TV and popular culture studies

American Popular Culture.
Animation Studies.
Animation World Magazine.
Applied Semiotics.
Asia Pacific Media Educator.
Belphegor : Litterature Populaire et Culture Mediatique.
CGW : Computer Graphics World.
Creativity Online.
Critical Arts : … Media Studies (South Africa, 1980-1992).
Critical Studies in Television.
Cultural Notes.
Cultural Landscapes.
Culture Machine.
Current Narratives.
Dialogue : … popular culture and pedagogy.
Fafnir : … Science Fiction and Fantasy Research.
Hermenaut : … journal of philosophy and pop-culture.
ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies.
Incite! : journal of experimental media ….
Interference : A Journal of Audio Culture.
Invisible Culture.
Israeli Journal of Humor Research : an international journal, The.
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture.
Journal of European television history and culture.
Journal of the Imaginary and Fantastic.
Journal of Media Critiques.
Journal of Popular Romance Studies.
Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting.
Kritikos : postmodern cultural sound, text and image.
Landscapes of Violence.
Le Journal.
Media Anthropology Working Papers.
Media Fields.
Media History Monographs.
Media Industries.
Mediapolis : a journal of cities and culture.
Movement : a media studies ejournal.
Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association Journal.
NECSUS : European Journal of Media Studies.
New Voices in Classical Reception Studies.
Nirmana : Journal of Visual Communication Design.
Participations : Journal of Audience & Reception Studies.
Perspective: journal of the Art Directors Guild.
Popular Entertainment Studies.
Post Identity.
RadioDoc Review (radio documentaries).
Reviews in Cultural Theory.
SANE : sequential art narrative in education.
SCAN : journal of Media Arts Culture.
Semiotic Review.
SemiotiX Bulletin.
Series : International Journal of TV Serial Narratives.
Shift : Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture.
Slayage : online International Journal of Buffy Studies.
Television Quarterly.
Televizion (children’s TV).
Topia (Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies).
View : journal of European television history and culture.
Visual Culture & Gender.
Watcher Junior.
Watercooler Journal.
Web Journal of French Media Studies.