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Anthropology Journals


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Aboriginal History.
ACME : An Int. E-Journal for Critical Geographies.
African Studies Quarterly.
Afrikanistik Online.
American Ethnography.
American Morris Newsletter.
Antrocom : online journal of anthropology.
AnthroGlobe Journal.
Anpere : Anthropological Perspectives on Religion.
Anthropological Abstracts.
Anthropological Review.
Anthropology Book Forum.
Anthropology of East Europe Review.
Anthropology & Materialism.
Anthropology and Photography.
Anthropology of Food.
Antrocom : Online Journal of Anthropology.
Anthropology of the Contemporary Middle East.
Anthropology Matters.
Anthropological Science.
Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy News.
Arctic Anthropology.
Asian Ethnology (formerly Asian Folklore Studies 1942-2008).
Bolivian Studies.
Borneo Research Bulletin.
Bulletin de l’APAD.
Chieftain : the Journal of Traditional Governance.
CJA : anthrojournal (college and undergraduate).
Comparative Mythology.
Croatian Journal of Ethnology & Folklore Research.
Cultural Analysis : … Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore.
Cultural Anthropology Cultural Anthropology and Ethnosemiotics.
Cultural Resource, U.S. Bureau of Land Man..
Cultural Survival Quarterly.
Culture & Tradition (Canada).
Deja lu (World Council of Anth. Assocs.).
Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (Nepal).
Digest : A Journal of Foodways and Culture.
Ecomusicology Newsletter.
EOL : Ethnomusicology OnLine.
Elore (Finnish folkore).
Estonia and Poland : creativity and tradition in cultural communication.
Ethnobiology and Conservation.
Ethnographic Encounters.
Ethnomusicology Review.
Ethnomusicology Translations.
Ethnologia Actualis : the Journal of Ethnographical Research.
Ethnology (3 year paywall).
Ethnological Researches.
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Expedition (1958-2011).
Folklore Fellows Network Bulletin.
Folk Art (1971-2008).
Folklife Center News.
Folklife Studies.
Folklore and Folkloristics.
Folklore and Folk Music Archivist.
Folklore (Estonian Folklore Institute).
Folklore Forum.
Folklore Forum (1968-2008).
Folklore and Folkloristics.
Folklore and Folk Music Archivist.
Folklorica (Slavic and East European Folklore Association).
Folklore Historian.
Folklorica Folkways magazine (Smithsonian Institution).
FQS : Forum for Qualitative Social Research.
Furthering Perspectives.
Harmonia : Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology.
Hau : journal of enthnographic theory.
Heidelberg Ethnology.
Himalayan Journal of Sociology & Anthropology.
History of Anthropology Newsletter.
IJIH : International Journal of Intangible Heritage.
IK : Other Ways of Knowing.
Inbhear : Journal of Irish Music and Dance.
Incantatio : … Charms, Charmers and Charming.
Int. Journal of Anthropology (via Paperity).
International Journal of Modern Anthropology.
Indian Folklife.
Indian Folklore Research Journal.
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge.
International Journal of Intangible Heritage.
Jewish folklore and ethnology newsletter (1978-1986).
Jewish folklore and ethnology review (1987-1996).
Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography.
Journal of American Indian Education.
Journal of Anthropological Sciences.
Journal of Business Anthropology.
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology (1979-2008).
Journal of California Anthropology.
Journal of Contemporary Anthropology.
Journal of Ecological Anthropology.
Journal of Ethnographic Theory.
Journal of Ethnomusicology (South Indian).
Journal of Folklore Research Reviews.
Journal of Folklore Research Reviews (alt.).
Journal of Indigenous Research.
Journal of Marine and Island Cultures.
Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology.
Journal of Tamil Studies.
Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford.
Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (alt.).
Journal of the Baltic Institute of Folklore.
Journal of the Folklore Research Department (India).
Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society.
Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology.
Keystone Folklore Quarterly (1956-65).
Keystone Folklore (Penn. Folklore Soc., 1979-82).
Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers.
KURI-DR (Dom nomadic cultures in the Middle East).
Lateral : Journal of the Cultural Studies Assoc..
Locale : Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies.
Lokaratna (official journal of the Indian Folklore Foundation).
Lore and Language (1969-1999).
MAI Journal : a New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship.
MAI Review (archives).
Maritime Anthropological Studies.
Material Culture Review.
Material Culture Review (alt.).
Material History Review.
Medicine Anthropology Theory.
Michigan Discussions in Anthropology.
Mid-America folklore (USA).
Mid-South folklore (USA).
Midwestern Folklore (USA).
Midwestern journal of language and folklore (USA).
Missouri Folklore Society journal.
Museum Anthropology Review.
Mythological Studies.
Music & Anthropology.
Namma Janapadaru.
Nebraska Anthropologist.
NEMO : Near-Eastern Musicology Online.
New Directions in Folklore.
New Mexico Anthropologist (1937-43).
Nexus : the Canadian student journal of anthropology.
Nordic Journal of African Studies.
North Carolina Folklore Journal.
Omertaa : Journal for Applied Anthropology.
Open Anthropology Oral History Forum (1976-2011, Canada).
Oral Tradition.
Performer, The (Nigeria).
Pioneer America Society Transactions.
Pro Ethnologia (1993-2005).
Public Programs Bulletin (AFS).
Quaderns-e : Institut Catala d’Antropologia.
Retrospective Methods Network Newsletter.
Shima : Journal of Research into Island Cultures.
Silk Road, The.
Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology.
Southern African Humanities.
Spaces of Identity (change in Eastern Europe).
Structure and Dynamics.
Studia Celtica Fennica.
Studia Ethnologica Croatica.
Studia Mythologica Slavica.
Studies in Historical Anthropology.
Studies of Tribes and Tribals.
Suomen Antropologi : Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society.
Southern Anthropologist.
Southern Semiotic Review.
Sydney Studies in Society and Culture.
Talk Story (Smithsonian Institution).
Tipiti (lowland South America).
Tradition Today.
Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand (1868-1961).
Translingual Discourse in Ethnomusicology.
Tribal Arts.
Trickster’s Way.
Tuluva (Folk Performing Arts in India).
Unfamiliar, The.
Venets (Bulgarian local history and folk studies).
Vibrant : virtual Brazilian anthropology.
Vibrant : Virtual Brazilian Anthropology (on Revues).
Vis-a-vis : explorations in anthropology.
Voices (Assoc. for Feminist Anthropology).
Working Papers of the Open Anthropology Cooperative.
Yale Journal of Music & Religion.
Children’s Folklore Newsletter (1979-1990).
Children’s Folklore Review (1990-2013).
Recess : the World of Children’s Culture.