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Telephone & Email Directories

Check if a phone number is for a Cell or Landline Reverse Address Search Reverse Phone Number Search
Any Who Online Directory
AOL Email Finder
AOL International Directories
AOL White Pages
AOL Yellow Pages
AT&T Tollfree 800 Directory
Australian White Pages
Australian Yellow Pages
Bigbook Yellow Pages
Bigfoot Email Directory
Canada 411
Canada TollFree
Dex Online
Directory Assistance Plus
Esearch: Ireland Email Search
Find mE-Mail
Find Yahoo Users
Fone Finder
Fone Finder
Free Email Providers Guide
Friends Reunited
Global Yellow pages
Go Toll Free
GTE Superpages
ICQ People Search
Info Space
International Telephone Search Engine
Internet 800 Directory
Ireland Business Directory
Kenya Yellow Pages
Lycos People Search
MIT Usenet Address Service
MSN Member Directory
Nationwide WhitePages Searches Online
Netherlands Yellow Pages
New Zealand Directory Search
Pay Phone Directory
Prefix Locater
Return Path
Reverse Phone Directory
Search by Zip Code, City, State or County
Search It All
Singapore Yellow Pages
SNET Internet
Spain Costa del Sol Yellow Pages
Superior Business Network, Inc.
Telephone Directory of Austria
Telephone Prefix Location directory
Thailand Yellow Pages
The Payphone Project
The World Email Directory
Toll Free Feds- 800 Numbers to Gov Offices
True Yellow
U.S. Diplomats and Embassy Directory
Whois Search (Find a phone number for a website owner)
Yahoo People Search
Yellow Page Directory

Email Locators

Email and IP Tracers with free trials
Email Search by MIT
Esearch: Ireland Email Search Email Lo

Phone Number Tracing

Zip Code, City , County, Areacode, Prefix, and Census Data by VG
AnyWho Reverse Phone Directory
Go Toll Free
Prefix Locater
Switchboard Reverse Phone number Search


Area Codes & Zip Codes (Finders and Geographical Data)

Free Regional Data by Area Code, Prefix, Zip Code or City on Virtualgumshoe Tools
Area Code Listing by Number
Area Code Maps for the United States and Canada
Cedar Zip Search
Down Load Zip Code
National Address Server
New Hampshire Zip Codes
New Jersey Zip Codes
New Zealand Post Codes
Reverse Area Code Search
US and Canadian Zips, distances between then by Jay
US Post Office City State/Zip Code Association
Zip Codes and Postal Codes of the World