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Government Records


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Federal, National & Government Records

Address Directory for the Governmental Leaders of the World
Alaska State Employee Directory
Australian Commonwealth Government Information
Canadian Military and Civilian Personnel Records
Chiefs of State
Congressional Directory
CQ Moneyline Search by Donor and Much More
Department of Commerce
Department of Treasury
Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada
Embassies Worldwide
Employer Sanctions Database
Excluded Parties List System
FAA Registration Search
Federal Depository Library Gateway
Federal Inmate Locator
Federal Web Locator
Government Guide Service Directory
Government Information Locator Service
Governments on the WWW
GPO Pathway Services
Her Majesty’s Stationary Office UK
House of Representatives
Library of Congress Employee Directory
Lobbyist Database by The Center for Public Integrity
National Climatic Data Center
National Personnel Records Center
National Security Agency
Official Documents the Stationary Office UK Campaign Contributions by State or Zip
Search Systems
Securities and Exchange Commission Archives Database
Selective Service Systems
Social Security Administration
Strategic Intelligence
Supreme Court of the United States
The Capital Source
The Electronic Embassy
The NASA Personnel Database Search
Toll Free Feds- 800 Numbers to Gov Offices
United States Tax Court
US Business Advisor Search of GovBot Database
US Department of Energy CIAC
US Department of Justice
US Government Printing Office
US Immigration and Naturalization Service
US State Department Passport Services and Information