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U.S. Federal Government Agencies

Several metrics are captured related to the participation of federal agencies in supplying data to, visitor statistics and other items. Recent visitor metrics for datasets can be found in this dataset and you can see the Project Open Data Dashboard to observe how successful CFO-Act agencies have been implementing the Federal Open Data Policy.

Legal Information Institute: Supreme Court Collection

Lists United States Supreme Court decisions since 1990, which are searchable by topic, author, party name or date. The decisions are arranged chronologically. Also includes a selected collection of historic decisions (e.g. Roe v. Wade) and “information about the court itself” such as biographies of the justices and the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction …

The Open Government Guide

The Open Government Guide, published by the Reporters’ Committee for Freedom of the Press, is a complete compendium of information on every state’s open records and open meetings laws. Each state’s section is arranged according to a standard outline, making it easy to compare laws in various states.

Justice Information Sharing

“The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Information Technology (IT) Initiatives Web site is an Internet-based resource that enables justice practitioners at all levels of government to access timely and useful information from information sharing and technology integration processes, initiatives, and technological developments. The Web site provides

Civil Rights Division Initiative to Combat Post-9/11 Discriminatory Backlash

This initiative from The United States Department of Justice is an effort to reduce “bias-related assaults, threats, vandalism and arson” on “Arab, Muslim, Sikh, and South-Asian Americans, and those perceived to be members of these groups.” The website provides information about the initiative, how to file a complaint, and other related information ..

United States Code

An electronic version of the United States Code (USC) generated from the most recent publication made available by the US House of Representatives. Provides searching capabilities on Title and Section of the USC and a popular names table for finding laws by their more common names.

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Matters relating to the Archives of the United States, the census and the collection of statistics, Federal Civil Service, municipal affairs of the District of Columbia, and the Postal Service are within the legislative jurisdiction of the Committee on Governmental Affairs.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s)
HUD USER provides interested researchers with access to the original data sets generated by PD&R-sponsored data collection efforts, including the American Housing Survey, HUD median family income limits, as well as microdata from research initiatives on topics such as housing discrimination, the HUD-insured multifamily housing stock, and the public housing population.

FedStats, which has been available to the public since 1997, provides access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic. With convenient searching and linking capablilties to more than 100 agencies that provide data and trend information on such topics as economic and population trends, crime, education, health care, aviation safety, energy use, farm production and more, FedStats is your one location for access to the full breadth of Federal statistical information.

CIA Special Collections: Cold War Era Hard Target Analysis of Soviet and Chinese Policy and Decision Making, 1953-1973  
This collection of declassified analytic monographs and reference aids, designated within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Directorate of Intelligence (DI) as the CAESAR, ESAU, and POLO series, highlights the CIA’s efforts from the 1950s through the mid-1970s to pursue in-depth research on Soviet and Chinese internal politics and Sino-Soviet relations. The documents reflect the views of seasoned analysts who had followed closely their special areas of research and whose views were shaped in often heated debate. Continuing public interest in the series, as reflected in numerous requests through Freedom of Information and Executive Order channels, led CIA’s Office of Information Management Services (IMS) to conduct a search of Directorate of Intelligence record systems for documents in this series and then undertake a declassification review of all the documents we located. The 147 documents in this collection, amounting to over 11,000 pages of analysis, were written between 1953 and 1973. The collection includes a large number of newly declassified monographs as well as some studies that have been previously declassified and released to individual requesters. The continuing sensitivity of some documents in the series required that they be withheld from declassification.

U.S. Court Forms  
Court and other legal forms from the U.S. Federal Goverment and the individual states (including Puerto Rico & Washington D.C.). Browse by branch of government and topic, or search within each individual jurisdiction. There are over 40,000 forms in all, available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

U.S. Department of State Background Notes Archives  
Background Notes is an official United States Government publication which profiles countries and organizations of the world. This site is an archive of a past version of resource. It was last updated in 2001.

Federal Digital System  
“GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) provides free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government.” For U.S. government publications, come here!

Center for the Study of Intelligence  
CSI is a governmental organization charged with researching the history of the American intelligence community. Their site includes a variety of online texts and documents, most covering the period of the Cold War.

Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs 
The committee that monitors legislation on banks, financial institutions, control of prices of commodities, deposit insurance, economic stabilization and defense production, export and foreign trade promotion, federal monetary policy including the Federal Reserve System, financial aid to commerce and industry, issuance and redemption of notes, publ …

U.S. Census Bureau – Foreign Trade  
This is “the official source for U.S. export and import statistics” and a great place to go for U.S. “import or export statistics, information on export regulations, commodity classifications, or a host of other trade related topics.”

Central Intelligence Agency  
Contains World Factbook and World Leaders which provide detailed information on each country in the world. View declassified documents in Freedom of Information Act and Historical Documents collections. Kids’ Zone with information for teachers and parents. Statistics & Facts  
Provides data from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on national statistics for drug arrests by year, drug seizures by year and type, and meth lab incidents by year and location, as well as national studies and publications.

EPA: Unites States Environmental Protection Agency  
This agency directs “environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts.” Find United States environmental news and events; projects and programs; laws and regulations; publications; resources for kids, students, and teachers; and children’s health.

The Economic Research Service (ERS)  
“The Economic Research Service (ERS) is the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. ERS research informs and enhances public and private decisionmaking on economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural development.” Includes statistics on the economics of food …

Consumer Price Index   
The Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) program produces data on the prices paid by consumers for a representative basket of goods and services. Get current and archived news releases (back to 1994) plus detailed CPI statistics.

Supreme Court Decisions, 1937 – 1975  
“The full text of Supreme Court Decisions issued between 1937 and 1975, containing 7,407 Decisions from volumes 300 through 422 of U.S. Reports, has been provided to the U.S. Government Printing Office through efforts of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget.”

The Compilation of Presidential Documents  
“The Compilation of Presidential Documents collection consists of the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents which are the official publications of materials released by the White House Press Secretary.”

U.S. Department of Transportation   
News and information from the United States Department of Transportation. “The Department serves as the focal point in the Federal Government for the coordinated national Transportation Policy. It is responsible for transportation safety improvements and enforcement, international transportation agreements and the continuity of transportation se …

USPTO Web Patent Databases  
“This page is the starting point for the USPTO’s free searchable patent databases, which cover the period from 1 January 1976 to the most recent weekly issue date.” There are both full text and bibliographic databases that can be searched by using boolean operators, patent numbers, or other advanced search features.

Small Business Publications  
Online pamphlets covering topics of interest for small businesses.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Initiative  
Information for disabled veteran small business owners seeking federal government business opportunities. Links to websites and instructions on getting listed with the Federal Supply Service and navigating the contracting process.

U.S. Business Advisor  
“The U.S. Business Advisor exists to provide business with one-stop access to federal government information, services, and transactions.” Sections available include: Common Questions, How-to and News. Searchable.

Social Security Online  
This site tells you all you need to know about Social Security Administration in the United States. There are social security forms, frequently asked questions and information about how to contact the administration. There is also an option for viewing the site in Spanish.

Office of Compliance, U.S. Congress   
“The Office of Compliance advances safety, health, and workplace rights in the U.S. Congress and the Legislative Branch. Established as an independent agency by the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, the Office educates employees and employing offices about their rights and responsibilities under the Act, provides an impartial dispute resolu …

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure addresses legislation related to the Coast Guard, federal emergencies and disasters, flood control, inland waterways, navigation and navigation laws, public and federal buildings, public works like bridges and dams, boats, roads, railroads, aviation, water power, and water pollution.

Congressional District Maps   
Maps of congressional district boundaries for the most current session of Congress. “Designed for easy reference, they show the Congressional District overlaid on top of State and county boundaries along with interstate and US highways, selected streams and water bodies, and major cities.” View and print maps by state, or by individual district.

Senate Committtee on Finance  
The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing proposed legislation including the following subjects: the bonded debt of the United States, customs, ports of entry, the deposit of public moneys, health programs under the Social Security Act, social security, revenue measures, tariffs and import quotas, and the transportation of dutiable goods.

House Committee on Agriculture  
The committee in the House of Representatives that addresses legislation related to agriculture, the animal industry, farm credit and security, forestry, human nutrition, rural development, and water conservation.

Federal Aviation Regulations
Searchable, full text of FAA and relevant NTSB regulations in HTML format. Arranged by subchapter and part.

Federal Communications Commission  
“The mission of this independent government agency is to encourage competition in all communications markets and to protect the public interest. In response to direction from the Congress, the FCC develops and implements policy concerning interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable” Searchable site i …

National Environmental Scorecard   
“The National Environmental Scorecard provides objective, factual information about the environmental voting records of U.S. Representatives and Senators. The Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from numerous respected environmental and conservation organizations who selected the key votes on which members of Congress should be graded. LC .

NARA US Electoral College   
This federal website answers user questions about voting, electing the president, and the electoral college.

Provides the names, titles and salaries of all the staff members employed by each US Representative and Senator. In addition it provides lists of those employed by committees and administrative offices. You can also find information about state government salaries as well.

Catalog of US Government Publications  
Search government publications by author, title, subject area, or keywords on this site.

National Center for Health Statistics  
NCHS is the Federal Government’s principal vital and health statistics agency.

Government, Politics & Law – Research & Technology Guides  
This site offers a variety of local, state, federal and international government resources. It also includes links to information about Patents & Trademarks, Afro-Americans and the Military, European studies (some divided into regions) and more.

Federal Courts Law Review   
Articles are from scholars, judges and distinguished practitioners. The editorial board, composed primarily of United States Magistrate Judges and law school professors. Publication of the Federal Magistrate Judges Association

U.S. Courts: Federal Judiciary 
Homepage for the Federal Judiciary, with links to the Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, Bankruptcy, and District Courts.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit  
Includes links to opinions issued by this court, and biographical information on Federal Courts and Federal Judges

U.S. Courts  
Has links to all circuit courts of appeal, including D.C. and U.S. Bankruptcy courts of appeal, as well as state District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts within each circuit.

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)   
The Federal Judiciary’s centralized registration center. Provides electronic access to case and docket information for U.S. District, Bankruptcy and Appellate court records.

Federal Judicial Center 
Has biographies about justices, historical and educational materials about the Supreme Court. Established by Congress in 1967.

United States Reports  
The final version of the Court’s opinions, covering from 1991-present online. Provides full text, from cover to index, of the bound volumes, starting with vol. 502.

Journal of the Supreme Court  
The official minutes of the Supreme Court, published chronologically each day the Court issues or orders an opinion.

Joint Economic Committee  
“The Joint Economic Committee (JEC) was created when Congress passed the Employment Act of 1946. Under this Act, Congress established two advisory panels: the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and the Joint Economic Committee. Their primary tasks are to review economic conditions and to recommend improvements in economic policy.”

House Committee on the Judiciary 
“A standing Committee on the Judiciary was established by the House of Representatives on June 3, 1813 to consider legislation relating to judicial proceedings. Since then, the scope of the committee???s concern has expanded to include not only civil and criminal judicial proceedings and Federal courts and judges, but also issues relating to bankru …

Senate Committee on the Judiciary 
Areas of jurisdiction of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary include apportionment of Representatives, bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage, & counterfeiting, civil liberties, constitutional amendments, federal courts & judges, governmental information, holidays & celebrations, immigration & naturalization, interstate compacts, judicial proceedings, loc …

United States House of Representatives 
Provides public access to legislative information as well as information about Members, Committees, and Organizations of the House and other U.S. government information resources. Includes searchable U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

U.S. Court Forms  
Court and other legal forms from the U.S. Federal Goverment and the individual states (including Puerto Rico & Washington D.C.). Browse by branch of government and topic, or search within each individual jurisdiction. There are over 40,000 forms in all, available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

Joint Committee on Taxation 
The duties of the Joint Committee are to investigate the operation and effects of internal revenue taxes, investigate measures and methods for the simplification of taxes, make reports to the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance, and review any proposed refund or credit and gift taxes in excess of $2,000,000.

United States Code Research 
“The United States Code is the codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.”

Congressional Bills   
“Congressional bills are legislative proposals from the House of Representatives and Senate within the United States Congress.”

U.S. Government Printing Office — Public and Private Laws   
Public and private laws since the 104th Congress.

Riddick’s Senate Procedure 
“Named after Senate Parliamentarian Emeritus Floyd M. Riddick, this Senate document contains the contemporary precedents and practices of the Senate.”

Congressional Calendars 
“The Congressional Calendars collection includes the Calendars of the U.S. House of Representatives and History of Legislation and the Senate Calendar of Business.”

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)   
“The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government.”

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform   
“The Committee on Government Reform has existed in varying forms since 1816. It first appeared as the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments.” Currently the committee reviews issues related to the Federal civil service, federal employment, the District of Columbia municipal affairs, government management, federal holidays, nationa …

House Journal 
“The Journal is a record of the proceedings of each legislative day in the House. The Journal–and not the Congressional Record–is the official record of the proceedings of the House.”

Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives 
Features public disclosures, art and history of the House of Representatives, descriptions of the Clerk’s duties, as well as information about committees, legislation, and the House Library. 
A Democratic party site with a glossary of government terminology, features on House members, state-by-state reports on the environment, agriculture, education, and homeland security. Positions on issues including prescription drug coverage, national security, and funding public education are also presented.

Daily online U.S. national defense news, including articles and photos on military systems.

The Political Graveyard  
Amazing directory of over 119,000 former United States Presidents, Congressmen, Cabinet members, federal judges and other national and local political figures giving the location of their final resting place. Numerous entry points: alphabetical, by state or office, by birth or death date, geographic locations, and many others.

Registered Federal Lobbyist Database 
Database of lobbyist information for registered federal lobbyists in the United States. Searchable by Company Name, Client Name or Lobbyist Name, or look for lobbyists by interest or industry area.

House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs 
“The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs reviews veterans’ programs, examines current laws, and reports bills and amendments to strengthen existing laws concerning veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such as for health care, disability compensation, GI bill education and job training, home loan guarantees, lif …

House Democratic Leader  
Official site of the House Democratic Leader available in English and Spanish. It includes a Legislative calendar and position statements and articles on homeland security, the economy, health care, and education.

Senate Committee on Appropriations  
The Senate Committee on Appropriations “writes the legislation that allocates federal funds to the numerous government agencies, departments, and organizations on an annual basis.”

Senate Committee on Rules and Administration  
The Senate committee whose jurisdiction is over administration of the Senate Office Buildings, Senate rules and regulations, credentials and qualifications of Members of the Senate, contested elections, federal elections, the Government Printing Office, the Congressional Record, Presidential succession, the purchase of books and manuscripts and ere …

Freedom of Information Clearinghouse  
The FOI Clearinghouse, provided by Public Citizen, a national non-profit public interest organization, is a web site that contains an introduction to FOIA, information on making requests, and legal research and litigation resources. Public Citizen focuses its efforts on fighting government secrecy, and since 1972 has been involved in more FOIA lit …

Senate Committee on the Budget   
“Along with the House Budget Committee, [the Senate Budget Committee] is responsible for drafting Congress’ annual budget plan and monitoring action on the budget for the Federal Government. In addition, the Budget Committee has jurisdiction over the operation of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).”

Federal Government Departments and Agencies  
The links on this page, provided by the Department of Justice, go directly to the FOIA section of the listed department or agencies web site. Each department or agency lists slightly different information ranging from its own FOIA policy to necessary contact information, to a reading room of materials made public by a FOIA request.

The Office of the House Majority Whip 
The site of the second ranking House Republican. Icluded are the Whip Notice, which is a weekly listing of bills expected to be considered in the upcoming week and the Whipping Post, a listing of bills expected to be considered in a given day.

FOIA Principle Contact Information for Federal Government Departments and Agencies  
This webpage provides information including the name, department, address and phone number for all of the principle FOIA contacts at each department or agency.

Committee on House Administration  
The Committee on House Administration was created by the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946. Its jurisdiction includes the House of Reprepresentatives salaries, expenses, and accounts, management of Library of Congress, management of Smithsonian Institution, office space assignment, elections, monitoring of campaign contributi …

Rules and Precedents of the House   
Ever wondered what the Speaker of the House does? This site outlines the roles of the Speaker, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the Chaplain and explains the procedures used in the House for voting. Also included are sections on the general order and priority of business in the House and the official Code of Conduct.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs   
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs conducts studies of “any and all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of Indians, including but not limited to, Indian land management and trust responsibilities, Indian education, health, special services, and loan programs, and Indian claims against the United States.”

National Security Archive: Freedom of Information Act Requests  
The National Security Archive provides the basics on FOIA, making FOIA requests, and how to make the best use of FOIA requests. This is a good starting place when you are ready to make a request, because this site is not connected to any particular government agency.

Public Participation in Rulemaking  
“This list of Federal agency web sites, gathered from Rule or Proposed Rule documents that appeared in the Federal Register, is presented as a guide to electronic rulemaking initiatives. Most of these sites offer the text of Proposed and Final Rules, along with other regulatory information, and some enable the public to comment online.”

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions  
This committee reviews legislative measures relating to education, labor, health, and public welfare, aging, agricultural colleges, arts and humanities, biomedical research and development, child labor, convict labor, domestic activities of the American National Red Cross, equal employment opportunity, Gallaudet College, Howard University, and Sain …

Voter Information Services  
Evaluations of individual congresspeople and senators from the viewpoint of a large number of disparate organizations, based on several key votes.

Office of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State  
The Bureau publishes print and electronic materials in a variety of languages for information outreach to U.S. embassies and consulates in over 140 countries. Its Digital Outreach team counters misinformation about the United States that appears on foreign media websites.

Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government 
Contains more than 500 federal government acronyms with links to corresponding web sites.

Truman Presidential Library: Education Page  
Provides educational resources from the Truman Presidential Library. The site includes activities, lesson plans, interactive features, and primary sources for use by or for elementary and high school students and teachers. – Flood 
This U.S. government website provides information and a directory to other websites such as the CDC, Red Cross and FEMA for “information and services relating to … disaster management: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.”

United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit   
Contains opinions and cases of the Fourth Court of Appeals decided from 1996, searchable by case number, case name, keyword or date posted

Committee on Ways and Means
The House Committee on Ways and Means has jurisdiction over legislation related to customs, trade agreements, revenue measures, debt of the United States, public monies, transportation of dutiable goods, tax exempt foundations and charitable trusts, and national Social Security. 
“Provides information on how you might be able to get help from the U.S. Government before, during and after a disaster.” A joint website by 17 federal agencies that includes online federal disaster relief applications, as well as information on what to do during major domestic and foreign disasters, including floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volca

Armed Services Committee 
The Armed Services Committee has jurisdiction over legislation related to the Department of Defense, the selective service, interoceanic canals, miltary applications of nuclear energy, and the “pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed forces”

Committee on Ethics 
“The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct has jurisdiction over all bills, resolutions and other matters relating to the Code of Official Conduct.”

House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure   
The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure addresses legislation related to the Coast Guard, federal emergencies and disasters, flood control, inland waterways, navigation and navigation laws, public and federal buildings, public works like bridges and dams, boats, roads, railroads, aviation, water power, and water pollution.  
The official site of the House Republican Conference features news releases, daily and weekly floor schedules, and other information from Republican members of Congress.

Committee on the Budget  
The site of the House of Representatives Committee that holds jurisdiction over legislation related to the establishment and enforcement of the federal budget.

White House Briefing Room  
Contains White House press releases, presidential addresses, speeches, the White House schedule, legislation, and disclosures.

House Committee on Appropriations 
The House committee whose jurisdiction is over the spending of public funds. This committee reviews bills and joint resolutions reported by other committees that provide new entitlement.

National Contact Center of the Federal Citizen Information Center  
A US government site that leads to other commonly requested federal government sites. Contains links to Frequently Asked Questions, consumer help, federal phone numbers and, the kids’ portal for the U.S. government.

The Office of the Democratic Whip 
The official site of The Whip, the second ranking position among House Democrats, who is charged with mobilizing the party vote and coordinating strategy within the Caucus. Features on this site include statements and speeches of the Whip and editorials on topics including fiscal responsibility and election reform.

Congressional Record  
The official record of the United States Congress is published daily when the House of Representatives and Senate are in session. The database contains the Congressional Record from 1994 to the present.

Federal Magistrates Judges Association 
Links and general information about the federal courts. Some content password-accessible only, for federal judges. Contains references to law reviews and articles.

United States Government Manual
“As the official handbook of the Federal Government, the United States Government Manual provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches.” Updated annually

IPL FAQ: Salaries / Benefits of U.S. Officials  
What are the salaries/pensions given to U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Cabinet members, Senators, etc.? Find out from this IPL Frequently Asked Question site.