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The National Defense University (NDU)

The National Defense University (NDU) supports the joint warfighter by providing rigorous Joint Professional Military Education to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and select others in order to develop leaders who have the ability to operate and creatively think in an unpredictable and complex world.

Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) i

The Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) is a US Department of Defense research center integrated into the Institute for National Strategic Studies and the National Defense University focused on the intersection of technology and national security policy.

The Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Center was established in 1994 as the Center for Counterproliferation Research at the request of then Assistant Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter as an outgrowth of the Defense Counterproliferation Initiative. Ambassador Robert Joseph, who later served as a Special Assistant to the President on the National Security Council staff and as an Under Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, served as the Center’s first Director.

Center for Complex Operations

The United States Congress authorized the creation of a Center for Complex Operations in the FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Center for Complex Operations (CCO) was initially formed in the summer of 2008 in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Policy) and moved in early 2009 to the National Defense University in accordance with an NDU – OSD(P) memorandum of Agreement dated 30 January 2009, subsequently amended.

MiPAL: National Security Strategy – U.S. Policy – Department of Defense

Research guides featuring access to current U.S. policy statements accompanied by broad, objective, and comprehensive analysis from a global network of think tanks and research institutes.

Military and Intelligence Database

Military and Intelligence Database Collection provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and reports covering all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs. The database offers content in key subject areas including governmental policies, the socioeconomic effects of war, the structure of the armed forces, and more. 
Welcome to, your premiere source for free downloads of 50,000 Military, DoD, Federal, NASA, DOE, and U.S. Government specifications, standards, handbooks, and publications.

Vietnam War Archive at Texas Tech University 
One of the largest Vietnam War collections in the United States comprising 4 million pages of publications and manuscripts, 1.5 million pages of microfilm, 2,000 maps, and 30,000 photo and video images.

United States Army. Institute of Heraldry 
Databases include rank and soldier insignia, awards, decorations, medals, distinctive unit insignia, flags, and coats of arms. Best viewed in Internet Explorer version 5 or above.

United States Air Force. Historical Research Agency  
This agency is responsible for publishing reports on Air Force unit lineage, organizational histories, and papers on prominent Air Force officials.

United States Air Force. Air War College  
The Air War College web page has online and printed reference sources covering every aspect of air warfare. Air War College studies and other U.S. government publications on Air Force-related issues are accessible on this site.

Society for Military History  
The Society is dedicated to promoting the study of military history in the United States. The web site describes military history programs, lists future conferences, and has links to Internet sites focusing on military studies in the United States and Europe.

Military Education and Research Library Network [MERLN]  
This consortium links a group of military libraries and research organizations and accesses many of their electronic resources. Libraries in the consortium are associated with the following institutions: Air University, Command and General Staff College, Joint Forces Staff College, Marine Corps University, Naval Postgraduate School, Naval War College, Air Force Academy, Army War College, Coast Guard Academy, Military Academy, and Naval Academy.

Federation of American Scientists 
This web site provides easy access to a large and diverse list of publications on military and defense issues, including weapons control, weapons agreements, Congressional Research Service reports, Government Accounting Office reports, and Defense Department reports. There are also links to news reports and electronic reference tools.

Combat Studies Institute 
The Combat Studies Institute of the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College has a web page that includes publications and abstracts for theses, and links to a large selection of military history sites and military organizations. One link, prepared by a member of the Society for Military History, lists over 200 military history sites organized chronologically and by topic.

Army Library Program Reference Center  
The Army Library Program Reference Center provides access to the home pages of federal government and selected organizations of the Defense Separtment and the U.S. Armed Forces. It includes links to Army libraries, Congressional Research Service reports, the Department of Homeland Security home page, the United States Code, and much more. Other features of this web site are professional reading lists for military history, military publications online such as the Defense Department’s Early Bird, and Ask A Librarian, an online contact with military librarians.

Department of Defense Environmental Resources  
A growing list which points users to all Internet sites related to the environmental activities of the Department of Defense.

Department of Defense Environmental Restoration Electronic Bulletin Board  
This web site provides one stop shopping for small and minority businesses interested in supporting the DoD environmental cleanup mission.

USAF Environment, Safety and Occupational Health TPIPT  
USAF Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) needs are collected, analyzed and published by our office.

Requirements Consult Service  
The USAF Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health (ESOH) Education and Training Requirements Consult Service (RCS).

A Base-level Pollution Prevention Resource sponsored by HQ Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence

McClellan AFB Environmental Management Directorate
Award-winning prevention and restoration technologies demonstrated at Northern California’s largest industrial employer; includes electric vehicles and alternative fuels.

Armstrong Laboratory – WPAFB Occupational and Environmental Health Directorate, Toxcicology Division   
Information on Environmental Toxicological Research

Environmental Restoration, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center   
Research, development and testing of environmental cleanup and testing methods, US Navy

Department of the Navy Environmental Program 
This is the Homepage of the Department of the Navy Environmental Program with links to other parts of the Navy.

Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange  
Provides public and DoD personnel with environmental legislative, compliance, restoration, cleanup, safety & occupational health, security, and DoD guidance information.

Waterways Experiment Station (WES)  
Waterways Experiment Station (WES)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Library Homepage  
Libraries for the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers. Links to Federal and Environmental sites, including U.S.Army Corps of Engineers Homepage.

St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers  
Provides engineering solutions to environmental problems in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and northern Iowa: environmental restoration (EMP) projects on Mississippi River; navigation, etc

South Atlantic Division, US Army Corps of Engineers  
The Corps of Engineers regulates wetland activities and provides environmental planning, engineering and operational management support to civil and military organizations.

Inland River Navigation  
Inland River Navigation

Corps of Engineers RAMS/Regulatory Home Page  
Corps of Engineers RAMS/Regulatory Home Page

Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (CERL).  
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (CERL).

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).  
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).

Charleston District Regulatory Branch  
Charleston District Regulatory Branch

Automated Review Management System  
Automated Review Management System