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The U.S. Congress Votes Database [ ]

The U.S. Congress Votes Database documents every vote and member of the House and Senate since 1991. Data is pulled from several sources, including the House clerk, the U.S. Senate and the Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress. For the 112th Congress, users can analyze members and votes by various metrics, including caucus affiliations, 2010 margin of victory, and members endorsed by Tea Party Express or Freedom Works during the 2010 campaign. This site is a work in progress and will be expanded over time.

Core Documents of Our Democracy [ http:// ]

This collection provides American citizens with direct online access to the basic Federal Government documents that define our democratic society. These titles contain information about the democratic process that are critical to informed citizens. They support the public’s right to know about the essential activities of their Government.

The home of the U.S. Government’s open data [ http:// ]

Here you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more.

Federal Depository Library Directory [ http:// ]

Locate a Federal Depository Library (FDL). There are three methods for retrieving Federal Depository Library information: Clickable Map: clicking on the applicable state, commonwealth or territory on the map below Basic FDLD Search: search by keyword in the Keyword search box below the map Advance FDLD Search: search by specific types of data, such as Depository number, ZIP or area code, etc. in a single or multiple field search below the Basic search

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) [ http:// ]

The CGP is the finding tool for federal publications that includes descriptive information for historical and current publications as well as direct links to the full document, when available. Users can search by authoring agency, title, subject, and general keywords, or click on “Advanced Search” for more options. The catalog offers you the option to find a nearby Federal Depository Library that has a particular publication or that can provide expert assistance in finding and using related U.S. government information. Click on the title of interest from your search results list. Then click on the Locate in a Library link within the displayed record.

GPO MetaLib [*&search_type=contains&restricted=all ]

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation [ ]

Beginning with the Continental Congress in 1774, America’s national legislative bodies have kept records of their proceedings. The records of the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and the United States Congress make up a rich documentary history of the construction of the nation and the development of the federal government and its role in the national life. These documents record American history in the words of those who built our government.

MetaLib from GPO [ http:// ]

Search across multiple government databases (currently 53 databases, including reference databases, digital repositories, or subject-based Web gateways) to find reports, articles, and citations. Search individual databases or create sets of databases with the A-Z Resource List. Access and search the “native” interface of these databases from the originating institution/agency. Email or export records in various formats.

HUD USER Database from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development [ http:// ]

HUD USER indexes citations and abstracts to research reports, articles, books, monographs, and data sources in housing policy, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and a host of other relevant fields. It also provides access to the original data sets generated by PD&R-sponsored data collection efforts [ http:// ] helps U.S. companies plan, develop and execute international sales strategies necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace. Developed by international trade specialists and economists, here you will find trusted market intelligence, practical advice and business tools to help you understand how to export, connect with foreign buyers, and expand operations in new markets.

NTIS Bibliographic Database [ ]

Containing over 3.0 million bibliographic records, the NTIS Bibliographic Database is the preeminent resource for accessing the latest research sponsored by the United States and select foreign governments. The Database represents billions of dollars in research. Contents include research reports, computer products, software, video cassettes, audio cassettes and more. The complete electronic file dates back to 1964. On average, NTIS adds over 30,000 new records per year to the Database. Most records include abstracts.

U.S. Department of State Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room [ http:// ]

Welcome to the U.S. Department of State Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website. Like all federal agencies, the Department creates and receives records when carrying out its mission. This website provides a wealth of information about the Department’s FOIA program and how to obtain access to the Department’s records, as well as a search tool containing 144,620 searchable documents reviewed and released to the public.

U.S. Army Center of Military History [ ]

The Center is a Field Operating Agency that reports to the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

Treesearch — Forest Service Research & Development [ ]

Treesearch is an online system for sharing free, full text publications by Research and Development scientists in the US Forest Service. Included in Treesearch are scholarly works published by the agency as well as those published by others, including papers appearing in journals, conference proceedings, or books. All publications appearing in Treesearch are based on peer reviewed research to make sure they provide the best scientific information possible.

SciTech Connect [ ]

SciTech Connect is a portal to free, publicly-available DOE-sponsored R&D results including technical reports, bibliographic citations, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia, software, and data information, and was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to increase access to science, technology, and engineering research information from DOE and its predecessor agencies. OSTI is a program within DOE’s Office of Science, the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States. Our mission is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to DOE researchers and the American people. Visit About OSTI to learn more. [ ]

The types of documents that can be found on this site include Proposed Rules, Rules, as well as Notices from the Federal Register – often referred to just as “Notices.” Public Submissions (e.g., comments, citizen petitions, early submissions) and Supporting Materials often associated with regulatory actions can also be found on this site.

PLANTS Database [ ]

The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories.

Office of Minority Health Resource Center Catalog [ ]

The OMHRC Knowledge Center contains a collection of 50,000 documents, books, journal articles, and media related to the health status of racial and ethnic minority populations. The library collection also includes sources of consumer health material in more than 35 languages.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) [ ]

The National Technical Information Service serves as the largest central resource for government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information available today. For more than 60 years NTIS has assured businesses, universities, and the public timely access to approximately 3 million publications covering over 350 subject areas.

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) [ ]

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) provides access to aerospace-related citations, full-text online documents, and images and videos. The types of information include: conference papers, journal articles, meeting papers, patents, research reports, images, movies, and technical videos – scientific and technical information (STI) created or funded by NASA.

U.S. Government Accountability Office [ ]

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. Often called the “congressional watchdog,” GAO investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. The head of GAO, the Comptroller General of the United States, is appointed to a 15-year term by the President from a slate of candidates Congress proposes. Gene L. Dodaro became the eighth Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on December 22, 2010, when he was confirmed by the United States Senate. He was nominated by President Obama in September of 2010 from a list of candidates selected by a bipartisan, bicameral congressional commission. He had been serving as Acting Comptroller General since March of 2008.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) [ http:// ]

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.

Federal Sector Appellate Decisions [ http:// ]

Many noteworthy federal appellate decisions are frequently used as a part of the Commission’s outreach and training efforts. To help the public identify those decisions, the Commission has decided to assign randomly generated first names and initials, along with a brief summary of the decisions to the cases. Our previous practice was to refer to the appellant as “Complainant” and replaces referring to the cases as “Complainant v Federal Agency.” We will update the list periodically with the most recently issued decisions.

Federal Reserve Board: Finance and Economic Discussion Series (FEDS) [ http:// ]

Following is a general index of the Federal Reserve Board web site. Individual press releases, speeches, testimony, articles, studies, and letters are not indexed. To locate a specific document in one of those categories, go to the Search page, select the appropriate category from the drop-down list, and enter a search term.

FBI Vault [ http:// ]

The Vault is our new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office. Included here are many new FBI files that have been released to the public but never added to this website; dozens of records previously posted on our site but removed as requests diminished; files from our previous FOIA Library, and new, previously unreleased files.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Catalog Search [ http:// ]

Our Mission Our mission is to protect human health and the environment. Learn more about our mission and what we do Read seven themes for EPA’s future

Environmental Health Perspectives [ ]

Environmental Health Perspectives (ISSN-L 0091-6765) is a monthly peer-reviewed journal of research and news published with support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Energy Information Administration (EIA) [ ]

The listing includes common and technical terms to meet the needs of the public as well as energy specialists. A-Z Topics lists topics with relevance to a broad cross-section of our Web site’s audiences. The items are representative of popular topics or publications, frequent inquiries, or have critical importance to EIA’s mission. The index will continue to evolve as terms are added and refined.

Department of Energy (DOE) OpenNet [ http:// ]

The OpenNet database provides easy, timely access to over 485,000 bibliographic references and 140,000 recently declassified documents, including information declassified in response to Freedom of Information Act requests. In addition to these documents, OpenNet references older document collections from several DOE sources. This database is updated regularly as more information becomes available. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or use the Contact Us link above the Search box.

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) All Collections [ ]

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®) has served the information needs of the Defense community for more than 70 years. DTIC reports to the Assistant Secretary of Defense For Research and Engineering ASD(RE). Our mission is to provide essential, technical research, development, testing and evaluation (RDT&E) information rapidly, accurately and reliably to support our DoD customers’ needs. [ http:// ]

The Browse directory features frequently-requested lists and prepared search results. Resources is a more comprehensive A to Z directory of help pages, research guides, and news sources related to Congress.

CIA Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room [ http:// ]

Welcome to the new CIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room. Be sure to bookmark this site, and note that our former URL will be decommissioned in the near future.

National Cancer Institute [ http:// ]

The NCI Data Catalog is a listing of data collections produced by major NCI initiatives and other widely used data sets. Data collections included in the catalog meet the following criteria:

AUL Index to Military Periodicals [ ]

An active program of bibliographic publications and indexes facilitates access to the library’s holdings and information. Special bibliographies, such as the 386-page Great Warrior Leaders/Thinkers, are published throughout the year. MSFRIC also publishes the Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals, published since 1949.

Army Heritage Collection Online (AHCO) Research Catalog [ ]

Materials found via the U.S. Army War College Research Catalog may be located in Ridgway Hall or Root Hall. Please click “Availability” in your results list to determine at which location a particular item is located. In an effort to ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements we are conducting a review of our collections prior to public release. These reviews may delay and limit some customer access to select holdings. We recommend that you plan your research trip to the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (Ridgway Hall) accordingly. Please call our reference team at 717-245-3949 for more information.

Army Heritage Collection Online (AHCO) Digital Document System [ ]

Welcome to the United States Army Heritage and Education Center Digital Collections. Please use the links below to narrow your search, or browse by collection from the list on the left.

Archival Research Catalog (ARC) of the National Archives [ ]

Search the online catalog and other National Archives resources at once for information about our records.

AGRICOLA Articles (NAL) [ ]

There are two different databases in the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA): The NAL Catalog primarily lists books, reports, non-print materials (including videos and electronic resources), and journal holdings information. The Article Citation Database lists mainly indexed journal articles, individual book chapters, and short reports. You can search each database separately or both databases at the same time.

Access to Archival Databases (AAD) System – NARA [ http:// ]

You will find in the Access to Archival Databases (AAD) resource online access to records in a small selection of historic databases preserved permanently in NARA. Out of the nearly 200,000 data files in its holdings, NARA has selected approximately 475 of them for public searching through AAD. We selected these data because the records identify specific persons, geographic areas, organizations, and dates. The records cover a wide variety of civilian and military functions and have many genealogical, social, political, and economic research uses. AAD provides:

Visible Earth [ ]

Images of Earth from NASA

USGS Publications Warehouse [ http:// ]

Documents from the United States Geological Survey

USDA Nutrient Database [ http:// ]

Definitive source for food composition data in the United States

USA Trade Online [ http:// ]

Current and cumulative U.S. export and import data

Trademarks Database, U.S.Patent and Trademark Office [ ]

Search engine for the USPTO’s trademarks database

PubMed@UCR [ http:// ]

More than 24 million citations for biomedical literature

PDQ: Physician Data Query [ http:// ]

The National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive cancer database

NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information [ http:// ]

Database of biomedical and genomic information

National Library of Medicine Bookshelf [ http:// ]

E-books and documents from the NLM

National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts Database [ http:// ]

Summaries of all records in the NCJRS Library

Medline [ http:// ]

U.S. National Library of Medicine healthcare information

HSRPROJ (Health Services Research Projects in Progress) [ http:// ]

Health services research grants and contracts information

Government Printing Office (GPO) of the United States [ ]

Catalog of U.S. federal government materials, 1976-present

Fungus Database from USDA ARS [ ]

Nomenclature of fungi affecting plants and plant products

FDSYS: Federal Digital System [ http:// ]

Full-text official U.S. federal government publications

EDGAR, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [ ]

Database of company information collected by the SEC