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Modern Language Association of America (MLA)

Founded in 1883, the Modern Language Association of America provides opportunities for its members to share their scholarly findings and teaching experiences with colleagues and to discuss trends in the academy. MLA members host an annual convention and other meetings, work with related organizations, and sustain one of the finest publishing programs in the humanities.

Journals Published by University Presses

Project Muse, Full text of over 645 scholarly journals published by university presses in the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, mathematics, political science, gender studies, and others.

PubMed Central (PMC)

There are four methods to ensure that an applicable paper is submitted to PubMed Central (PMC) in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. Authors may use whichever method is most appropriate for them and consistent with their publishing agreement.

Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group has three major content platforms – Taylor & Francis Online, Taylor & Francis eBooks, CRCnetBASE – that are built around the needs of our many varied and valued customers. Our aim is to facilitate discovery and allow our users to access relevant research and information quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Online submission with Oxford Journals

To submit a paper to a journal, or check up on the progress with a submission, select the journal from our list. Authors should submit Word or rich-text files by the journal’s preferred method. TeX and LaTeX files are also acceptable. Please consult the journal’s home page for more information.

Submit a proposal to Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press is always pleased to consider new proposals for print and/or digital projects in all the major areas in which we publish. If you are interested in submitting a proposal we strongly recommend that you contact the relevant editor in your field as early as possible. The specific information we require in a proposal may vary between subject areas and the editor will be able to send you guidelines appropriate to your particular field and the type of product you wish to propose.

NCBI Information for Authors and Publishers  
MEDLINE is the U.S. National Library of Medicine® (NLM) premier bibliographic database that contains more than 23 million references to journal articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine. A distinctive feature of MEDLINE is that the records are indexed with NLM Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®). MEDLINE is the online counterpart to MEDLARS® (MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) that originated in 1964.

Nature Publishing Group (NPG)  
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) has introduced improvements to the manuscript tracking system used on many of our journals, designed to streamline your accounts with NPG journals and conveniently provide you with more information in one place. More information is provided when you log into the manuscript tracking system.

IGI Global journals  
IGI Global journals are found in a number of prestigious indices, including Thomson Reuters, Scopus, and Compendex. Selection criteria is based on the amount of highly cited content found in the journal, as well as its practical relevance and contribution to the field of research. IGI Global’s indexing efforts facilitate the continued dissemination of our high-quality research publications.

Michigan Publishing   
Michigan Publishing is the hub of scholarly publishing at the University of Michigan, and is a part of its dynamic and innovative University Library. We publish scholarly and educational materials in a range of formats for wide dissemination and permanent preservation, provide publishing services to the University of Michigan community and beyond, and advocate for the broadest possible access to scholarship everywhere.

African Journals Online (AJOL)  
AJOL is the world’s largest online collection of African-published, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, providing free hosting for over 380 peer-reviewed journals from 29 African countries, using the internet and open source software. AJOL’s partner journals cover the full range of academic disciplines with particularly strong sections on health and agriculture. Access to full-text articles of open access journals is free, while access to other published materials is fee-based; all abstracts, however, are free.

Publish with Palgrave Macmillan  
We offer authors sophisticated and global marketing and distribution alongside an attentive and personal editorial experience. From award-winning research to major reference works, our experienced team of editors in London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore and New Delhi will work closely with you on a plan tailored to suit your work.

Brill Publishing  
With more than 330 years of experience in scholarly publishing, we combine specialization, experience and efficiency to publish and distribute your research across the globe. Let us take you step-by-step through the publishing process to show you what it means to publish with Brill. Download our brochure to learn more about publishing with Brill.

IEEE peer review procedures  
To publish an article in an IEEE journal, transaction, or magazine, or to submit a proposal for a book, please refer to the instructions below. If there are no specific submission instructions, send the manuscript to the appropriate editorial office or editor.

Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG 
A Berlin-based institution since 1749, De Gruyter has grown into one of the premiere humanities and sciences publishers in the world. Offering a wide array of high-quality titles in academic fields such as Linguistics, Religious Studies, STM, Philosophy, Law, and many others,

Thieme Medical Publishers   
Thieme complies with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy for articles funded by the NIH. For more information, see NIH Public Access Policy. Review Thieme’s Copyright Transfer Form and Green Open Access policy regarding Institutional repositories, including, but not limited to NIH and PMC.

Partner with Springer and publish with confidence  
A leading STM publisher for over 170 years and home to many of the world’s foremost researchers, including more than 200 Nobel laureates, we combine a firmly established reputation with a dedication to cutting edge digital development

John Wiley and Sons   
Everything you need to know to prepare, submit, publish and promote your next article. Information and guidelines on publishing your next book. Read the online submission system guidelines

Publishing with Elsevier: step-by-step   
You can submit to most Elsevier journals using our online systems; the system you use will depend on the journal to which you submit. You can access the relevant submission system via the ‘Submit Your Paper’ link on the journal homepage of your chosen journal.

American Physical Society (APS)

To publish a manuscript, the American Physical Society (APS) must ensure that it has obtained all the necessary rights. In the majority of cases the standard APS Transfer of Copyright agreement completed by the corresponding author will continue to be sufficient. If, however, one or more authors are employed by a government agency or the authors choose an Open Access publication option a separate ‘license to publish’ agreement may also/instead be required.

Asian Network for Scientific Information

Asian Network for Scientific Information is a leading publisher of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) in Asia. Currently Asian Network for Scientific Information publishes more than 37 peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines to foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals – enabling them to work more efficiently and intelligently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning.

Academic Journals

Academic Journals, started in 2002, seeks to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge through the publication of high quality research articles using the open access model. Academic Journals is a broad-based publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals. It currently publishes 111 open access journals covering art and humanities, engineering, medical science, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences and agricultural sciences. Its collection provides valuable resources for both researchers and users inside or outside Africa. Coverage: Various Dates

University of Toronto Libraries : Journal Production Service

JPS is a journal hosting service provided by the University of Toronto Libraries. Based on Open Journal Systems, this journal management and publishing platform assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through online publication.

World Science Publisher

World Science Publisher is instituted in 2012. It has branches in USA, UK, and Hongkong. It is an independent scientific and academic publisher group aiming at publishing the first-class journals over the world. It publishes a number of journals, covering economics, management, health sciences, life sciences, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, linguistics and education.

Bentham Science Publishers 
BENTHAM OPEN publishes over 250 peer-reviewed open access journals. These free-to-view online journals cover all major disciplines of science, technology, and medicine. Authors who wish to submit an article to any of Bentham Open Journals are requested to complete the following online form with the proposed abstract of the article. The abstract of the article will then be immediately forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief/Co-Editors/Executive Editor(s) of the relevant journal who will then inform the author with a decision about submitting the completed article.

Bangladesh Journals OnLine (BanglaJOL) 
Bangladesh Journals OnLine, a database of journals published in Bangladesh covering the full range of academic disciplines, has been launched since 2007 with support of INASP, the Editing and Publication Association of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Academy of Science. BanglaJOL provides a service to the journals by hosting their content online, and actively promoting the website to encourage discovery of these titles and articles, and to increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship.

AOSIS Publishing 
We provide a comprehensive and personal publishing service for scholarly journals, books and conference proceedings. As an open access publisher we present high-quality publications from Africa, being committed to the dissemination of peer-reviewed, research-based publications across a range of academic disciplines.

Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI) 
CPI runs International Journal of Business and Social Science, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, American International Journal of Contemporary Research (AIJCR), and International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology (IJBHT) for creating a platform to share the thoughts of professionals, scholars and academicians throughout the world. The journals are published from USA under the direct supervisions of renowned academicians of the world.

Scientific and Academica Editores Publication house (SAEP) 
SAE Publications (Scientific and Academica Editores Publication house (SAEP) is an open access oriented journal Publication organization. SAE Publications is poised on offering researchers and research institutions all over the world excellent services delivered in a friendly environment by distinguished editors, editorial assistants and reviewers, leveraging on world-class technology.

Unified Journals 
Unified Journals is a leading scholarly open access, peer reviewed international journal that is completely devoted to the publication of outstanding, original research articles, new ideas and fundamental advances for global dissemination of knowledge.

Unique Journals Communications  
Unique Journals Communication (UJC) is a worldwide open access Journals, publishes original research work that felicitates scientific knowledge in academic research and scientific communities by launching peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.Researchers may submit Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Short Notes, Abstracts and Letter to the Editor .

United Scientific Group 
United Scientific Group publishes unique, high quality, peer-reviewed journals that strongly adhere to the principles of open access and intend to promulgate the innovative research findings with an ethical and stringent review process to make a step change in the fields of science and technology.

Universal Research Publications   
Universal Research Publications is a privately held company specializing in the publication of Open Access peer-reviewed journals across the broad spectrum of science, technology and medicine. If you need rapid and professional publishing, we can help.

Universe Scientific Publishing (USP)  
Universe Scientific Publishing (USP) was established with the aim of providing a publishing platform for all scholars and researchers around the world. With this aim in mind, USP began building up its base of journals in various fields since its establishment. USP adopts the Open Access movement with the belief that knowledge is be shared freely without any barriers in order to benefit the scientific community,

Wesley and Eber Publishing  
Wesley and Eber Publishing levies an article-processing charge to cover the cost of the publication process. All manuscripts submitted to Wesley and Eber Publishing are assumed to be submitted under the Open Access publishing model. In this publishing model, papers are peer-reviewed under editorial control. When a paper is accepted for publication the author is issued with an invoice for payment of an article-processing fee $500 USD (FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLARS). Payment of this charge allows Wesley and Eber Publishing to recover its editorial and production costs.

Whioce Publishing Pte. Ltd.  
The peer review process is meant the safeguard the quality of articles published in Whioce’s journals. Most submissions, including all original research articles and reviews, to Whioce’s journals are peer reviewed. The exceptions include editorials and letters to the editor, which may or may not be published without peer review, at the discretion of the editors.

World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society  
is an international organization that promotes the development of novel mathematical methods and computational techniques as well as their applications in science in general and engineering in particular. Its main activities revolve around collaboration with universities and organization of scientific conferences all around the world, publication of proceedings, books, monographs and journals and any other activity that advances the science.

Allied Academies   
The Allied Academies’ family of journals have been performing very well in Business and Management and are a perfect fit for our readers. We provide our authors and readers a platform that serves them well and helps them share their work with the global community. We are expanding the focus of Allied Academies beyond Business and Management Journals to incorporate scientific areas as well.

AIZEON Publishers   
Aizeon Publishers is a premier scientific organization, currently hosts a series of peer-reviewed, online, open access journals and publishes scientific papers of significance in all areas of research.

Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) 
Albert Science International Organization (ASIO) is a Print version cum Open-Access publisher of journals & books covering a wide range of academic disciplines. ASIO serves the world’s research and scholarly communities and aims to be one of the largest publishers for professional and scholarly societies.

Journals by International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR)  
The aim of International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR) with its base in Ethiopia is to publish scholarly research outputs in and on Africa with a view to putting Africa on a path towards a sustainable development through viable and qualitative education. As a result, we conduct and carry out researches in different areas to help our governments and planners move the continent forward.

Aditi International  
Aditi International opens a new era of international interactions between academicians and researchers worldwide by publishing high quality peer-reviewed international journals of scientific disciplines and calls mathematicians and scientists worldwide to go ahead with researches having broader spectrum of humanitarian aspects.

Advanced Science and Engineering Technology Institute (ASET)  
is an independent and non-profit information service website, which aims at providing a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, university and industry to present their latest research findings in any aspects of advanced science and engineering technology. As a recommendation center, Indexing things are out of our control. We have no power to affect anything for a published paper being indexed, and we have never promised anything about it to our authors. According to our experience, it is very normal for a published paper to be included into the Compendex’s database after 2-9 months

Advanced Scholars Journals  
Fees and Charges: Authors are required to pay a $500 processing fee. Publication of an article in the Journal, Advanced Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR) is not contingent upon the author’s ability to pay the charges. Neither is acceptance to pay the processing fee a guarantee that the paper will be accepted for publication. Authors may still request (in advance) that the editorial office waive some of the processing fee under special circumstances.

Advance Journals  
If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors have to pay the Article Processing Charges of the manuscript.As all Journals are open access but costs are involved in several phases of the publication process, like manuscript handling form submission to publication, peer-review, editing & typesetting, indexing of articles, electronic archiving, server and website update and maintenance etc

International Multispecialty Journal of Health (IMJH) 
International Multispecialty Journal of Health (IMJH) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles of international interest from all areas of medical and health. The main focus of the journal is on clinical research and practical outcomes.

International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research   
International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research is an open access online peer reviewed international journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research. IJOEAR publishes innovative research papers, reviews articles, mini-reviews, case reports, research notes, short communications and review papers with different area of the Engineering and Science field.

International Journal Engineering Research and Science (IJOER)   
International Journal Engineering Research and Science (IJOER) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal of Engineering Science & Research fields. IJOER publishes innovative research papers, reviews articles, mini-reviews, case reports, research notes, short communications and review papers with different area of the Engineering and Science field. Authors should submit their papers in IJOER that have been carefully proof read and polished. At the time of Submission author should be ensure that the paper is prepared in the IJOER paper template . This will ensure fast processing and publication. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to all authors.

Medical science  
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